Key Benefits

You can benefit from:

      • The main philosophy of the tuition which is about passing the understanding of how to play and approach music. This helps the students to achieve more over time
      • Private tuition which greatly enhances the student's progress (this greatly affects the speed of learning as well as the amount of information that someone can absorb in a given time)
      • No 'group tuition' issues.
      • All students get the same level of attention from the instructor
      • Tuition is focused on each student's way of learning (something that is impossible in a group situation)
      • Learn at your own pace
      • Use of professional studio equipment during the lessons
      • Use of backing tracks
      • Learning in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

    Improve/develop any or all of the skills listed below:
    (note: don't let the concise and formal terms scare you... the approach and content of the lessons is manageable by everyone)

      • Technique
      • Fretboard awarness
      • Improvising skills
      • Performance skills
      • Composing skills
      • Rhythmic awarness (timing)
      • Knowledge of theory/harmony
      • Sight-reading
      • Recording skills (even from an early stage)

    The tutor has:

      • A 1 to 1 teaching position (hourly paid academic) as electric guitar instructor at the University of Salford
      • a BA (Hons) in Band Musicianship (first class). (University of Salford)
      • a Master of Music in Composition (University of Leeds)
      • exprerience of teaching privately
      • experience of teaching 1-1 and in groups as he has worked for the Doncaster Music Service in primary and secondary schools as well  Yamaha Music School
      • experience of playing in groups
      • experience of recording as a session player
      • experience in recording/production